About Us

A New Type of Attachable Gel Polish Nails, Nailesque

Our name, nail'-esque', suggests it all - press on manicure that appear as salon-grade, except that it's wayyy better!

They are more affordable, more cost-effective, less time-consuming, easier to remove, as well as healthier for your nails and skin. (Time to ditch those harmful UV lamps!)

Why I started Nailesque

The inspiration for Nailesque emerged during the period of the lockdown. Getting my nails done used to be something I'd do every other month, but with the restriction in place, I couldn't continue with this practice.

Despite nails not being as essential as physical and mental health, it is a crucial part of me. So, I looked up online solutions and discovered press-ons to be the best answer to my issue. Yet, the designs and quality I found on the internet were lacking. Some of the customized press-ons I purchased even failed to fit after I took all the required measurements.

This experience inspired me to improve press-on nails. If there was a way I could improve both the quality and design of press-ons, then the process of getting your nails done could be not only far quicker but much cheaper too!

...And this is our mission at Nailesque: We want to create DIY beauty products for girls to SLAY whilst maintaining the same quality and trendy designs you'd get from any nail salon.