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Introducing Shimmer, the nail style perfect for anyone who loves a touch of bling and wants to add some extra sparkle to their look. With their shiny and reflective finish🪩, Shimmer is sure to catch the light and turn heads wherever you go.🌌


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Design's a hit but the shape's a miss? No biggie! You can totally make 'em your own - just grab the nail filer that comes with your kit and buff away until you're shining like a star✨


♡ Reusable nail palette featuring two compartments

 24-30 nails in 12-15 inclusive sizes

♡ Nail Glue - for longer 2-3 weeks use

 Sticky Tabs - for shorter 4-7 days use

 Alcohol Pad

 Nail Filer

 Wooden cuticle stick



  • Push back cuticle with wooden cuticle stick
  • Lightly buff nail with nail file
  • Clean & dry nail with alcohol pad
  • Choose sticky tab size that matches your natural nail size
  • Place sticky tab on your nail and then press on nails down starting from the cuticle and working towards the tip


  • After step 1-3, generously apply nail glue on both your natural nail and press on nail
  • Press on nails down starting from the cuticle and working towards the tip, making sure no bubbles are trapped


  • Soak nails in warm water, soap and oil mixture for 10-15 minutes (Tip: Do not attempt to force or pull nails off)
  • Find a small gap and gently push the wooden cuticle stick underneath the nails until they lift off


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1. Prep

2. Apply Glue

3. Press On✨


What Is Included In The Nailesque Nail Palette?

Depending on the style, the nail palettes come with either 24, 28 or 30 nails. All nail palettes include an alcohol pad, a nail file, a cuticle stick, sticky tabs and glue..including the reusable casing featuring two compartments!

I Have Very Small/Large Nail Beds, Will Your Nails Fit?

The great part about our nails is that they come in many different sizes. Our kits that come with 24 nails include 12 different sizes and our kits that come with 30 nails include 15 different sizes. Please know that you are also able to shape all the nails so that they fit perfectly. Also, the width of our nails can range from 6.3 mm - 14.02 mm. 

How Long Can The Nails Stay On?

The nails can last anywhere from 2-3 weeks if properly applied using the glue provided in the nail palette. For temporary & shorter application, you can stick-on using sticky tabs included the nail palette.

Are The Nails Customizable?

Yes, you are welcome to customize your nails to your perfect fit!  You can clip, file/shape, paint, and apply stickers to your nails.

Why Nailesque Nail Palette? I Prefer Visiting The Nail Salon!

There's lots of advantages to press-on nails! Here's a few:

- Saves Time & Money

- Change Nail Styles Daily/Weekly Without Breaking The Bank!

- Reusable & Environmental Friendly

- Zero Damage To Natural Nails